Panorama in Nagasaki [The color photo is photographed in March, 2009.]

6678-10. Panoramic view of NAGASAKI 1865 Yojosho (hospital), Igakusho (medical school), Bunseki-Kyurisho

6151-9. Panoramic view of NAGASAKI 1864 The Oura coast street from the Glover garden.

6272. Oura residence ground seen from sea 1865

The Glover garden

6157-3. View of the battery on Glover's bungalow 1864

6155-1. Glover's bungalow, Nagasaki 1864
6156-2. Garden of Glover's bungalow, Nagasaki 1864

Scenery of Nagasaki

6165. Panorama of Nagasaki (from Mt.Inasayama) 1864

6153. View of the bridge in the valley near the road to Yedo, Nagasaki 1864

The aspect and the gaze point in a present photograph are as the same as old times as possible. But it is not completely.