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Bauduin Collection

The Bauduin Collection is a series of photographic albums of Japan that Dutch doctor Anthonius Franciscus Bauduin took and collected with his younger brother, Albertus Johannes Bauduin, while living and working in Japan.

Anthonius Franciscus Bauduin assumed the position of second vice-principal of Yojosho, which was the origin of today's Nagasaki University School of Medicine and renamed Seitokukan in later years. During that time, Albertus Johannes Bauduin, foreign trader, was appointed as a consul of the Netherlands.

While staying in Japan from 1862 to 1870, Anthonius Franciscus Bauduin lectured at Yojosho, Osaka Igakko (today's Osaka University Faculty of Medicine), and Daigaku Toko (today's The University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine). He also persuaded the Meiji government to build a park in the forest of the Ueno area in Tokyo.

Anthonius Franciscus Bauduin had a great interest in the emerging technology of photography, and he himself took many pictures of the scenery and people of Nagasaki. He also collected photographs taken in many different parts of Japan by professionals, and put them all together to make specially bound photo albums.

Bauduin Collection is composed of three large albums and one small album.
The large albums contain photographs taken by the Bauduin brothers, F. Beato, H. Ueno, K. Uchida, and others. They also contain pictures of C. Wirgman's drawings and sketches taken by F. Beato. On the other hand, the small album includes portraits of important dignitaries of the early Meiji period as well as landmarks and scenic beauties of Japan at the time.

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Anthonius Franciscus Bauduin (1820-1885)