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Potter Album

Frederick Antony Potter was an English coal mining engineer at the Takashima and Miike coal mines at the beginning of the Meiji Era.

Potter arrived in Japan in 1871 and married his wife, Florence, around 1873. They had three children. He left his residence of Dejima in October, 1878 for a luxurious new house at Higashiyamate No. 12 known as the Iwanaga Bungalow. Even after his transfer to the Miike Coal Mine, he kept on renting the house for his family. They returned to their home country in 1882. The Potter Album at the Nagasaki University Library contains numerous photos of the Nagasaki landscapes and people of Potter's time there.

The album was taken to England and passed on to Potter’s descendants. It contains 73 photographs, including photos taken by Hikoma Ueno, which he presumably collected. The album also includes a group shot of the tennis club of the Englishmen residing in Nagasaki at that time, the original building of Nagasaki Prefecture Office just before it was destroyed by the super-typhoon of 1874, the foreign settlement destroyed by the typhoon and a group shot of people on the deck of a battleship.

In addition, Potter often added captions to the photos himself and, as a consequence, this is quite a valuable resource to illustrate the photographs of that time.

Frederick Antony Potter