The hundred-step Otokozaka slope at Mt. Atago(2)
[ID] 1448  ( ID:1448 )
[Photographer] F. Beato
[Album] F. Beato (Album)
[Place] Tokyo
[Date] unknown
[Color] mono
[Size] 289x238
[Cabinet] 36-25-0
[Keyword] shrine/torii
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Otokozaka is a steep slope on the eastern side of Atago Shrine. It is said to have 100 steps, but there are actually only 86 steps. The present slope was constructed in 1966. It is famous in the Kodan and Rokyoku "Kanei Sanbajutsu ". Onnazaka is the moderate slope to the right. Rickshaws are seen under the pillar of the torii.