Site of Yoshinaka s castle at Nakasendo Miyanokoshi
Shiogun Yoshinaka Castle Hill Miyanokoshi, at Nakasendo
[ID] 1572กกกก( ID:1572 )
[Photographer] Kusakabe,Kinbei
[Album] Kusakabe,Kinbei (Album)
[Place] Nagano
[Date] Middle Meiji
[Color] color
[Size] 267x208
[Cabinet] 38-20-0
[Keyword] river/mountain

Kiso River runs to the fore, and the mountain to the rear is the Komagatake which is located to the north of the Kiso range. The peak of Komagateke is formed of the Main peak, middle peak, front peak, and Hokendake etc., and especially the Tengu Rock of Hokendake is famous for its rare shape.