Mt. Asama from Nakasendo Kutsukake Inns
1116 Asamayama from Kutsukake Nakasendo
[ID] 1603  ( ID:1603 )
[Photographer] Kusakabe,Kinbei
[Album] Kusakabe,Kinbei (Album)
[Place] Nagano
[Date] Middle Meiji
[Color] color
[Size] 261x208
[Cabinet] 38-51-0
[Keyword] community/mountain/river

Mt. Asama seen from Kutsukake on the Nakasendo which is located between the jukus of Karuizawa and Oiwake. The river flowing to the fore is the Yu River which meets the Chikuma River at Shionada. The bridge to the right of the picture supported by a stone fence is probably Nagakura Bridge.