Shinkoji Temple° 2°ň
[ID] 2271°°°°( ID:2271 )
[Photographer] Tamamura Kozaburo
[Album] Tamamura Kozaburo (Album)
[Place] Kobe
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 135x90
[Cabinet] 48-124-0
[Keyword] temple/statue of Buddha
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A view of the Great Buddha in the lotus pond to the right of the gate at Shinkoji Temple (Hyogo Ward). Mid-Meiji Period. This is the same image as #3307 (Nunobiki Medaki), #4092 (Suwayama), and #4094 (Arima Spa) in the lacquered album (Kobe Municipal Museum). Although of differing sizes, these photographs are thought to have been taken around the same time.