Three sacred storehouses of nikko toshogu shrine
[ID] 249  ( ID:249 )
[Photographer] Ogawa,Kazumasa
[Album] Ogawa,Kazumasa (Album)
[Place] Nikko
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 267x208
[Cabinet] 6-23-0
[Keyword] shrine

To the right is the Yomei Gate, and the left is the kamijinko (treasure storage of a shrine). The kamijinko is built in Azekura style (store house built of square logs) , inlaid with carvings of a white and black elephant based on a draft by Kano Tanyu at the end of the eaves. To the right of the steps are steel lanterns dedicated by Date Masamune, and stone garden lanterns dedicated by other lords. There are three warehouses for storage of a thousand costumes used in the spring and autumn warrior processions.