Pine trees at Karasaki,Lake Biwa4
[ID] 2584( ID:2584 )
[Photographer] unknown
[Place] Shiga
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 240x189
[Cabinet] 52-19-0
[Keyword] lake/scenic spot/flowers and trees
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Karasaki-no-Matsu, the "pine tree of Karasaki," famous for its portrayal in the ukiyoe print Karasaki-no-Yau (Night Rain of Karasaki), one of the "Eight Scenes of Oumi." The tree in the photograph is the second-generation pine with an east-west width of 72 meters, a north-south width of 86 meters and a height of 10 meters. A number of splints and stone walls support the branches stretching out to the lake. This second-generation pine died in 1921, but the third-generation pine is thriving today at the same site.