Autumn tints of Takinogawa, Oji° 7°ň
637. Autumn View of Maples, Oji TOKIO.
[ID] 2645°°°°( ID:2645 )
[Photographer] Kusakabe,Kinbei
[Place] Tokyo
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 264x200
[Cabinet] 53-32-0
[Keyword] river/bridge/scenic spot
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The photographs of Takinogawa taken during the Meiji Period capture the beauty of the autumn colours. However, after World War II, the development of the residential areas changed the area upstream. The river banks were covered with concrete and the river started to smell due to waste water from houses. The local people launched a movement to protect the river, and finally the government built the Otonashi River Shinsui (Water Friendly) Park in 1988. Spring water is mixed with the natural flow and filtered. Thus, clean water is circulated in certain areas. Depicting the area under present-day Otonashi Bridge, this photograph was taken by Kusakabe Kinbei between 1877 and 1887 (second decade of the Meiji Period).