Cherry trees at Mukojima° 2°ň
[ID] 2908°°°°( ID:2908 )
[Photographer] unknown
[Place] Tokyo
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 254x195
[Cabinet] 59-4-2
[Keyword] flowers and trees
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Although not visible here, Sumida River is on the left. This is the view from Boku-tei (riverbank) facing upstream. There are many famous historical places at Mukojima such as Ushijima Shinto Shrine (also called Ushi-no-Gozen), Chomeiji Temple which is famous for its sakuramochi (cherry-flavoured rice cakes), Mokuboji Temple, site of Umewaka Mound, Kofukuji Temple with its statue of Hotei, and Mukojima Hyakkaen (Hundred Flower) Park. Yaomatsu Restaurant and the Kototoi Dumpling Shop opened here in the early Meiji Period. Mukojima was a popular among the cultural elite. Same as photograph #2654.