Kinkakuji Temple° 14°ň
[ID] 3066°°°°( ID:3066 )
[Photographer] F. Beato
[Album] F. Beato
[Place] Kyoto
[Date] unknown
[Color] mono
[Size] 204x167
[Cabinet] 62-25-0
[Keyword] scenic spot/temple/garden/man
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The Golden Pavilion at Rokuon-ji Temple seen from the western edge of Kyoko Pond, facing north-northeast. The shrubbery on the right is Ashihara Island. The temple was built in 1398. Unlike the building of today, the original roof was supported by many columns at each level. A man enjoys a boat ride on the pond. Pine forest surrounds the pond, and Mt. Daimonji and Takamine are visible in the background. Taken by Felix Beato.