Teahouses along the Koshu Road
[ID] 3189กกกก( ID:3189 )
[Photographer] Usui Shuzaburo?
[Album] Usui Shuzaburo?
[Place] Yamanashi
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 256x210
[Cabinet] 65-10-0
[Keyword] teahouse/river/ravine

The bank of Katsura River, which separated the feudal domains of Sagami and Kai along the old Koshu Highway (present-day Uenohara-machi in southeastern Yamanashi Prefecture), seen from the east side (Sagami side) of the river. The buildings are teahouses standing along the highway, the existence of which is reported in travel journals as early as the Tenpo Period (1830-44). The mountain station "Suwa-no-Sekisho" (Kuchidome Bansho) is up the slope on the right. Mt. Gongen of Nakura is visible on the other side of Katsura River.