Sumo wrestling(1)
[ID] 326  ( ID:326 )
[Photographer] Ogawa,Kazumasa
[Album] Ogawa,Kazumasa (Album)
[Place] unknown
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 268x208
[Cabinet] 7-50-0
[Keyword] rest
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Sumo is deeply related to Shinto rituals. In the imperial palace, sumo matches were held to mark the coming of fall. Wrestlers were divided into east and west teams to forecast which part of Japan would have a better harvest. In the Edo era, the sport developed for the training of warriors, and kusazumo (amateur sumo tournaments) and tsujizumo (sumo on the streets) also thrived, together with the sumo in shrines dedicated to the Shinto deities.