The approach to Toshogu Shrine,Nikko(2)
[ID] 383  ( ID:383 )
[Photographer] Ogawa,Kazumasa
[Album] Ogawa,Kazumasa (Album)
[Place] Nikko
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 269x211
[Cabinet] 9-13-0
[Keyword] shrine/peddler
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The view of the Ichino torii from the front approach to Toshogu. Ten stone steps called "sennin masusugata" stand in front of this stone torii. People other than warriors, such as farmers and townspeople, could only go this far when paying respects to the temple. The ditch in the centre and gentle slope difference have been buried and do not exist today. To the right of the approach is Rinoji Temple, and a man walks with a balancing pole to the left.