The Ryuzu Falls° 4°ň
[ID] 3947°°°°( ID:3947 )
[Photographer] R. Stillfried
[Album] R. Stillfried(album 2)
[Place] Nikko
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 287x220
[Cabinet] 77-16-0
[Keyword] scenic spot/fall
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Yukawa River originates from Lake Yunoko and crosses Senjogahara. On its way into Lake Chuzenji, the river plunges down a 210m rock plate called Ryuzuno Falls. This photograph captures the basin of the waterfall. One of the three famous waterfalls in Oku-Nikko, it changes in beauty with the four seasons. A person is seen sitting on the lower part of a large rock in the centre.