A row of pine trees and teahouses along the Tokaido Road1
[ID] 3991( ID:3991 )
[Photographer] F. Beato
[Album] R. Stillfried(album 3)
[Place] Fujisawa
[Date] unknown
[Color] mono
[Size] 242x194
[Cabinet] 78-9-0
[Keyword] highway/row of trees/teahouse
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This is a Felice Beato photograph taken somewhere between Hodogaya and Fujisawa, possibly near the post town of Totsuka famous for its pine trees. The shop signs read "Issen-meshi (One Sen Food)" and "Ochazuke (Rice with Green Tea)." This was probably made from one of the original plates that Raimund von Stillfried received from Beato and then later sold.