The city of Tokyo seen from moatside
[ID] 4003กกกก( ID:4003 )
[Photographer] R. Stillfried
[Album] R. Stillfried(album 3)
[Place] Tokyo
[Date] unknown
[Color] mono
[Size] 242x194
[Cabinet] 78-21-0
[Keyword] view

View from the middle of Kudan Slope (just outside Tayasu Gate), looking west at the Kanda area. The other side of the Ushigafuchi area is Iida-machi 1-chome, acquired by Yasukuni Shinto Shrine (still called Shokonsha) for emergency use in June 1878. The Kokkokan Panorama would be built here in 1902 and later rented as a military hall (present-day Kudan Kaikan) to provide income for the shrine. Connected to the right of photograph #4004, this photograph creates a panoramic view of the area.