The Satsuma Official Residence
[ID] 4014กกกก( ID:4014 )
[Photographer] R. Stillfried
[Album] R. Stillfried(album 3)
[Place] Tokyo
[Date] unknown
[Color] mono
[Size] 243x194
[Cabinet] 78-32-0
[Keyword] house/Samurai/shrine
  High-definition Image

The house behind tsukiji wall is the main residence of the Arimas of Chikugo(Present day southern region of Fukuoka Prefecture) Kurume-han fief. The long wall is the wall around the main residence of the Kurodas of Akizuki-han fief of the Chikuzen region(the north western part of present day Fukuoka prefecture). At the end of the street, by the big tree, is Tenso Shrine. The shrine is called Moto-Shinmyo or Koyama shrine and it is said to be the old site of the Shiba Great Shrine. This area is currently Mita 1-chome, Minato Ward. This photo captures the southern view facing Nakanohashi Bridgeover Furukawa River in the back. Currently the site of the Arimas'residence on the left is Tokyo Senbai Hospital and the site of the Kurodas' residence a condominium.