The Tokaido Road and Mt. Fuji
[ID] 4099กกกก( ID:4099 )
[Photographer] unknown
[Album] Tamamura (album 1)
[Place] Shizuoka
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 254x194
[Cabinet] 79-17-0
[Keyword] view/Fuji/highway/row of trees

Northern view of Mt. Fuji from the sand dune of Suzukawa in Fuji City. The pine trees crossing horizontally in the centre of the photograph mark the Tokaido Highway. Kawai Bridge lies between the two tall pine trees on the left and the thatched-roof house. Rice paddies stretch between the dune and the highway. The presence of train tracks indicate that this photograph was taken after the opening of the Tokaido Line in 1890.