Maruyama Yaami Hotel° 10°ň
[ID] 4136°°°°( ID:4136 )
[Photographer] Tamamura, Kozaburo
[Album] Tamamura (album 2)
[Place] Kyoto
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 197x256
[Cabinet] 80-4-0
[Keyword] view/hotel/mountain
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Distant view of the Maruyama Yaami Hotel from the top of the Sanmon Gate at Chion-in Temple, facing southeast. Long stone stairs, the stone bridge over the pond, and abundant nature with tall pines and maple trees are visible in the foreground. Several buildings of the Yaami Hotel stand on the Maruyama hillside, as well as a terrace built on the west side to enjoy the view.