Nezame-no-toko° 5°ň
[ID] 4146°°°°( ID:4146 )
[Photographer] unknown
[Album] Tamamura (album 2)
[Place] Nagano
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 198x255
[Cabinet] 80-14-0
[Keyword] scenic spot/river
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Nezame-no-toko Gorge is the most beautiful of the eight scenic points of Kiso. The view of the gorge with granite protruding into the Kiso River is breathtaking. Huge rock formations such as Byobuiwa (folding screen rock) can be seen. At its narrowest point, the river is only 7 meters wide and roars with rapids. The shrine visible in the centre is known for the legend of Urashima Taro, and for Rinsenji Temple up on the river terrace.