Tea picking° 2°ň
[ID] 4225°°°°( ID:4225 )
[Photographer] A. Farsari
[Album] A. Farsari (album 1)
[Place] Uji
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 258x199
[Cabinet] 81-43-0
[Keyword] making tea/woman
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This photo captures women picking tea leaves at a tea farm in Uji. It is reported that Uji tea started when the Emperor Gosaga visited here in the mid thirteenth century and opened Komatsu and Kohata Nishiura Tea Garden. In recent years the tea for exporting purposes has increased. Consequently the tea union and the tea processing companies were established by the instruction of Kyoto Prefecture and the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce. Because of the efforts, the quality improvement and production increase were made. The location of the temple visible in the back is not clear.