A waterfall in Dogashima Island° 2°ň
[ID] 4255°°°°( ID:4255 )
[Photographer] A. Farsari
[Album] A. Farsari (album 2)
[Place] Hakone
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 190x242
[Cabinet] 82-23-0
[Keyword] Hakone/fall/bridge/man
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This is the water fall of Shirabe. The bridge in front of the fall still exists although slightly different in shape. A man wearing yukata summer kimono is standing at the centre of the bridge. The fall became a part of the garden when the Hiramatsu villa was built around 1887 and the water from the fall flows into the pond in the garden. At present this is a part of the garden of Taiseikan Ryokan (Inn).