Lake Biwa seen from Miidera Temple(2)
[ID] 443  ( ID:443 )
[Photographer] Ogawa,Kazumasa
[Album] Ogawa,Kazumasa (Album)
[Place] Otsu
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 252x197
[Cabinet] 10-23-0
[Keyword] view/lake/temple
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(same Location as the photo numbered 2-25) A tree stands next to the central stone pillar (not seen in the photo numbered 2-25). At the corner of the square, facing Lake Biwa, are four benches, and people stand by looking at the scenery. Near the tree in the square, a woman holds the hand of her child with a towel over her head, and a woman holds her child while another holds an umbrella over them. Part of the roof of the Hachu can be seen in the foreground.