A teahouse at Honmoku Juniten(1)
F34 Honmoku near to Yokohama
[ID] 46  ( ID:46 )
[Photographer] Kusakabe,Kinbei
[Album] Kusakabe,Kinbei (Album)
[Place] Yokohama
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 274x212
[Cabinet] 1-46-0
[Keyword] garden/private house/view/sea
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Caption reads "The garden and tea house of a residence near Yokohama" in German. The photo shows a tea house located in Juniten at the seaside in the suburbs of Yokohama. The rickshaw carries children, and a woman walks along with it on the seaside path wearing an okosozukin (a combination of hood and veil).