A geta clog craftsman(3)
Japanese shoe maker 1384. 三百八十四
[ID] 4790  ( ID:4790 )
[Photographer] Usui Shuzaburo
[Album] Usui Shuzaburo (album)
[Place] unknown
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 205x152
[Cabinet] 94-38-0
[Keyword] craftsman/man
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This craftsman walks around the city offering his services in repairing wooden "geta" clogs, supports for clogs, and thongs. He carries his tools, like a hatchet, plane, and chisels, in a tool box hanging from a balancing pole. His hair is combed in typical craftsman's style, and he wears a "hanten" coat, gaiters and straw sandals. This is a studio photograph.