Stone steps of Kurodani Konkai Komyoji Temple° 4°ň
Kuro-dani Kioto
[ID] 4919°°°°( ID:4919 )
[Photographer] Nobushige Horiuchi
[Place] Kyoto
[Date] unknown
[Color] mono
[Size] 262x200
[Cabinet] 96-94-0
[Keyword] temple/grave/statue of Buddha
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View of the stairs of Kurodani Komyoji Temple taken from Gokuraku-bashi, a stone bridge. Gravestones flank both sides of the stairs. A woman with a parasol poses for the camera in the middle of the stairs. Monju Pagoda rises behind the trees above the stairs. Renchi-in (Kumagai-do) is visible on the right. The statue of Amida Buddha on the left of the stairs was moved and no longer exists today.