Weeding a rice field at Aso Valley
Looking W.toward Kumamoto across field rice fields in the old crater of Aso-san,Japan(98)
[ID] 4939กกกก( ID:4939 )
[Photographer] Underwood
[Album] Underwood
[Place] Kumamoto
[Date] 1904
[Color] mono
[Size] 155x82
[Cabinet] 97-3-0
[Keyword] rice planting

The caldera area of Aso has been used to grow rice since the Yayoi Period. According to myth, the deity of the volcano, Takeiwawatatsunomikoto, built the first rice paddy here. The photograph captures the Asodani area with the central crater located on the north side of Aso Gogaku (the five mountains of Aso) as viewed from the east. The area is commonly referred to as "Aso no Senmaida ( "Thousand fields of Aso ") " with many narrow rice paddies one after another. At present, the farmed area has been redesigned in an arrangement of square rice paddies.