The garden of Namikawa's residence
South over garden from home of Mr.V.Namikawa,the famouse leade in art-industries,Kyoto,Japan. (70)
[ID] 4963กกกก( ID:4963 )
[Photographer] Underwood
[Album] Underwood
[Place] Kyoto
[Date] 1904
[Color] mono
[Size] 155x82
[Cabinet] 97-27-0
[Keyword] garden/flowers and trees/man and woman/private house

The south garden of the Namikawa Yasuyuki residence at Sanjo Shirakawa Bridge-agaru is viewed from inside. Mr. Namikawa and a woman with a fan are sitting together on a veranda beside the Japanese "kaiyushiki" garden designed by Ogawa Jihei. Another woman, possibly a maid, is standing behind the woman, holding a small basket in her left hand. This may have been taken by the British photographer H. G. Ponting.