The moat around Edo Castle
[ID] 5371กกกก( ID:5371 )
[Photographer] F. Beato
[Album] F. Beato(album)
[Place] Tokyo
[Date] unknown
[Color] mono
[Size] 277x178
[Cabinet] 104-8-0
[Keyword] Edo Castle/bridge

View of Babasaki Gate from the vicinity of Hibiya-gomon Gate. The building on the right is the former main residence of the Ikeda family of Inaba Tottori Clan. It was acquired for military purposes in 1869 and became the Army Ministry three years later. This area is now Marunouchi 3-chome, site of the Teikoku Theatre and Tokyo Kaikan Hall. The street by the moat is now Hibiya Dori. The masugata (square plot of land in between the first and second castle gates) of Babasaki Gate and the Babasaki Gate Bridge were removed in 1906 as part of the construction of Gaisen Doro. Taken in 1868.