Zenpukuji Temple,Azabu° 1°ň
[ID] 5375°°°°( ID:5375 )
[Photographer] F. Beato
[Album] F. Beato(album)
[Place] Tokyo
[Date] unknown
[Color] mono
[Size] 272x208
[Cabinet] 104-12-0
[Keyword] temple/flowers and trees
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This is a Shingon Sect temple established by Kukai (Kobo Taishi) in 824. The sanmon and main hall are in the foreground and background, respectively. The large tree on the left is the "upside-down gingko," which is still the largest gingko tree in Tokyo. This spot became the site of the American Legation after the effectuation of the Japan-U.S. Commercial Treaty in June 1859. Townsend Harris was the first envoy. The Legation moved to Tsukiji Akashi-machi in 1875. This photograph was taken in 1863 by Felix Beato, soon after Harris' arrival in Japan. The study was later burned to the ground by angry samurai from the Mito Clan.