Nakashima River and Amida-bashi Bridge° 6°ň
No.270 Nakajima, Nagasaki
[ID] 5506°°°°( ID:5506 )
[Photographer] Tamamura, Kozaburo
[Place] Nagasaki
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 265x205
[Cabinet] 106-40-0
[Keyword] river/bridge
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Ichinose River (main stream) and Domon River (also called Nishiyama River) merge near Uma-machi to form Nakashima River. Korai Bridge and Amida Bridge can be seen looking upstream from this point. This photograph shows Amida Bridge over Nakashima River around 1895. The Chinese characters on the wall of the house to the right mean "watchmaker." Watches are displayed inside. The water faucet for common use indicates that this photograph was taken after the water duct was constructed.