Nakahara Naosuke, a Samurai from Satsuma
Nakahara Yusuke
[ID] 6304กกกก( ID:6304 )
[Photographer] A.F. Bauduin
[Album] Bauduin Collection(3)
[Place] nagasaki
[Date] 1866
[Color] mono
[Size] 179x225
[Cabinet] 123-46-0
  Bauduin Collection

This is a samurai from Satsuma, Nakahara Naosuke (1832-68). After assisting in the manufacturing of steam boats and kiriko glassware at Shuseikan in Satsuma Domain, he went to Tokyo and learned the canon gunnery from Egawa Tan'an. He eventually became the head of the Egawa School. After returning to Satsuma, he helped the navy to build canons. Unfortunately, he was killed in Nagaoka during the Boshin War. It is reported that he would have become a man of exceptional talent like Saigo or Okubo if he had lived. At the time this photo was taken, he seemed to have been visiting the Bauduins representing Satsuma.