Nagasaki city from Kazagashira
Nature Town Nagasaki
[ID] 7151°°°°( ID:7151 )
[Photographer] Ueno, Hikoma ?
[Album] Potter
[Place] Nagasaki
[Date] ca. 1875
[Color] --
[Size] 86x59
[Cabinet] 135-31-0

This photo captures Nagasaki city from the Kazagashira area looking towards Mount Tateyama. As it shows Nagasaki surrounded by woodland, Potter gave the photo the title, \Nature Town Nagasa-ki\". The big Buddhist temple visible in the centre is Ko°«eiji in Okeya-machi. The temple belongs to the Shinshu Otani-ha sect. One can clearly discern the city°«s white warehouses. Most of the houses are made of wood with traditional roof tiles. No modern buildings are yet to be seen.