Nagasaki city from Kazagashira
Nature Town Nagasaki
[ID] 7151°°°°( ID:7151 )
[Photographer] Ueno, Hikoma ?
[Album] Potter
[Place] Nagasaki
[Date] ca. 1875
[Color] --
[Size] 86x59
[Cabinet] 135-31-0
  High-definition Image

This photo captures Nagasaki city from the Kazagashira area looking towards Mount Tateyama. As it shows Nagasaki surrounded by woodland, Potter gave the photo the title, \Nature Town Nagasa-ki\". The big Buddhist temple visible in the centre is Ko°«eiji in Okeya-machi. The temple belongs to the Shinshu Otani-ha sect. One can clearly discern the city°«s white warehouses. Most of the houses are made of wood with traditional roof tiles. No modern buildings are yet to be seen.