Daionji Temple (2)
Temple Kobe
[ID] 7158°°°°( ID:7158 )
[Photographer] Ueno, Hikoma ?
[Album] Potter
[Place] Nagasaki
[Date] ca. 1875
[Color] --
[Size] 86x59
[Cabinet] 135-38-0
  High-definition Image

Although the photo°«s caption says °∆Temple Kobe,°« this is actually Daionji Temple in Nagasaki. The photo was shot at the same location as photo 27, but in photo 27, there are some people standing by the entrance to the temple. As fewer trees show behind the temple in this photo than in photo No. 27, it can be assumed that one of the photos was taken before the big typhoon of 1874 and the other one after.