Nagasaki after the typhoon 22 August 1874
[ID] M083กกกก( ID:8082 )
[Photographer] Ueno, Hikoma
[Album] van Mansvelt Album
[Place] Nagasaki
[Date] August 22, 1874
[Color] --
[Size] 283x215
[Cabinet] M-83-0
  High-definition Image

This is a photo of the Oura Bund taken on the same day as the photo on page 28. The typhoon had destroyed the only recently built western -style two story Prefectural Office (built in July) as well as the big torii gate of Suwa Shrine. The still new Customs building built in January 1873 was also destroyed. Van Mansvelt probably acquired this photo while he was living in Kumamoto.