Desima after the typhoon 22 August 1874
[ID] M084กกกก( ID:8083 )
[Photographer] Ueno, Hikoma
[Album] van Mansvelt Album
[Place] Nagasaki
[Date] August 22, 1874
[Color] --
[Size] 275x215
[Cabinet] M-84-0
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This photo from 22 August, 1874, shows the damage at Dejima caused by a typhoon with a wind speed of 60 km/h. The Chinese company Guang Long Hao built around 1870 on the site of the office of seafood export to China sustained little damage whereas most of the windows in the buildings on the other side of the bridge in Dejima were blown out. The Nagasaki Prefectural Office had only recently been built in the wooded area in the photo, but was gone. UENO Hikoma appears to have sold copies of this photo.?