Ishiyamadera Temple° 1°ň
[ID] 820°°°°( ID:820 )
[Photographer] A. Farsari
[Album] A. Farsari
[Place] Shiga
[Date] unknown
[Color] color
[Size] 260x209
[Cabinet] 18-2-0
[Keyword] temple/view
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The Ishiyama temple in Otsu city. The founder is Todaiji Ryoben. It used to be a training place of the Kegon Sect and a subtemple of Todaiji, but later it changed to the Shingon Sect. It is the 13th fudasho (a temple where amulets are distributed to pilgrims) of the 33 pilgrimages of western Japan. Also the "autumn moon of Ishiyama" is one of the 8 scenic spots of Omi. The Mikagedo, seen from the grounds, is shaped in a square and the roof is in thatched a single layer of cypress bark. To the right are exposed clumps of quartzite, which was worshipped as an ancient spiritual stone. To the right and left are stone towers.