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Japanese Version

Kumamoto Castle (1)

ID: 7143
Photographer: Tomishige, Rihei ?
Album: Potter
Area: Kumamoto
Date: ca. 1876
Color: --
Size: 281x223
Cabinet: 135-23-0

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This is the North side of the inner keep of Kumamoto Castle as seen from the bottom of Bo’anzaka Slope. The building above the tall stone walls is the three-story Hazekata turret. Also note the small castle keep in the centre right and part of the large keep in the back. The one story building to their left is the Honmaru Palace. The On’ura five story turret stands to the far left. The Chinzei Garrison that was responsible for both the Kyushu and Chugoku regions was stationed here in 1871. The time period of the photo can be determined as the Japanese flag which flew here between 1875 and 1876 is visible on top of the main castle keep.