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Japanese Version

Kumamoto Castle (2)

ID: 7162
Photographer: Tomishige, Rihei ?
Album: Potter
Area: Kumamoto
Date: ca. 1875
Color: --
Size: 55x93
Cabinet: 135-42-0

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This is the big donjon of Kumamoto Castle viewed from Sukiyamaru. The torii gate of Kato Shrine is in the foreground. Kato Shrine was moved to Heizaemon-maru in Kumamoto Castle from Honmyoji Temple after the implementation of the policy to separate Buddhism and Shintoism in 1868. However, when the shrine premises came to be used by the army in June 1874, the shrine was moved outside of the castle. We know this photo was taken some time between 1875 and 1876 as we know that a Japanese flag flew over the the big donjon during that time.