Nagasaki University Library [Mansvelt Collection]

Japanese Version
Japanese Version

Shinobazu Pond (6)
Original title: TOKYO SHINOBAZU

Catalog No. : 2098
Photographer : unknown
Album : Large Album(Cabinet:47)
Area : Tokyo
Date : unknown
Age division:
Color : handcolored
Size : 202x262
Cabinet : 47-1-0

Enlarged view of the photo

Benten-do on Nakanoshima and the path to it are seen at Shinobazu Pond. The Buddhist priest Tenkai modeled the pond after Lake Biwa and built the shrine to worship the deity Benzaiten of Chikubushima. The stone bridge was built between 1789 and 1801. Numerous dead lotus stems remain in the water, indicating that the season is winter.

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