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Japanese Version
Japanese Version

The five-story pagoda,Toshogu Shrine,Nikko (7)

Catalog No. : 3056
Photographer : Felice Beato
Album :
Area : Tochigi (Nikko)
Date : unknown
Age division:
Color : monochrome
Size : 270x233
Cabinet : 62-15-0

Enlarged view of the photo

The five-story pagoda at Nikko Toshogu was built with donations from Sakai Tadakatsu, the feudal lord of the Obama Domain. Destroyed by fire in 1815, it was reconstructed by Sakai Tadayuki in 1818. It is approximately 36m tall. The first story is decorated with the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac. The torii gate and Omote-sando approach are located to the left.

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