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Japanese Version
Japanese Version

The hondo (inner sanctuary),Daikoji Temple,Nagasaki (1)

Catalog No. : 688
Photographer : Uchida Kuichi
Album : Small Album(Cabinet:15)
Area : Nagasaki
Date : unknown
Age division:
Color : handcolored
Size : 91x136
Cabinet : 15-28-0

Enlarged view of the photo

The main hall of Daikoji, a temple of the Jodoshin Sect located in Kajiya-machi, Nagasaki City. It was donated by Totsuji Yosouemon. In the cemetery is the tomb of Motoki Shozo, pioneer of modern printing in Japan. There is a photograph in which Ueno Hikoma poses just like the man in this photograph, taken by F. Beato at the end of the Edo Period (Catalog No:3247). It is assumed that Kuichi used the same composition in this photograph taken when he visited Nagasaki in 1872. There are the same photos of colored (Catalog No:3220) and not-colored (Catalog No:3222) in collection too.

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