Nagasaki University Library [Mansvelt Collection]

Japanese Version
Japanese Version

Takahoko Island (48)

Catalog No. : 7132
Photographer : Ueno Hikoma
Album : Potter Album
Area : Nagasaki
Date :
Age division: Early Meiji period (1868-1882)
Color : monochrome
Size : 220x280
Cabinet : 135-12-0

Enlarged view of the photo

This is the mouth of Nagasaki Bay. The land visible in the distance on the right is Kanzaki-no-hana. The island to the left is Takahoko Island, also called the island of Christian martyrdom (Pappenburg, the Pope’s summit). Located at the outskirts of Tomachi, this was a favorite photo spot where many photographers took photos from similar angles, including F. Beato. In this photo we can see the tip of a grave stone in the bottom left and the masts of two Japanese boats in the center.

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