Nagasaki University Library [Mansvelt Collection]

Japanese Version
Japanese Version

A Shinto priest (1)
Original title: SHINTO PRIEST

Catalog No. : 96
Photographer : Uchida Kuichi ?
Album : Kusakabe Kinbei Album (2)
Area : Unknown
Date : unknown
Age division:
Color : handcolored
Size : 263x203
Cabinet : 2-47-0

Enlarged view of the photo

The word "Kannushi" (Shinto Priest) is generally understood to mean the whole of the Shinto priesthood, but it actually only refers to the priests who preside over religious rituals and is distinguished from "Guji" (deputy chief) who is responsible for the administration of a Shinto shrine. A Kannushi wears pure white garments. The vestments are designated according to rank.

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