°»Metadata Database of Old Japanese Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Periods°… was made in accordance with the Dublin Core (the international standard of metadata).
Information can be retrieved from the data sets (photographs/text) using five search methods.

Search results are displayed in thumbnail format. Clicking on any particular photograph will display that photograph°«s relevant data.(Record View )

Search by photographer

Clicking on the name of a particular photographer will display the photos taken by that photographer and possibly other related photographs.

Search by category or keyword

Clicking on the thumbnail image of a particular category will search all the data in that category. Entering a keyword and pressing the [Enter] button will display the data relevant to that keyword.

Search by the location of the photograph

Clicking on a general area or city will display names of locations and the number of photos taken at those locations. Clicking the names of the locations will display the relevant data sets.

Search by defining your search

There are three possible search methods. Search by narrow definition, by ID number, or by entering parts of a phrase.

Search by cabinet number or album name

Enter the cabinet number or the name of the album where the desired photograph is stored.

Display of search results

Search results will be displayed in thumbnail format. Clicking the thumbnail image will display the desired record.