Nagasaki University Library [Mansvelt Collection]

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Japanese Version

How to use this site

●How to search
You can search database on these four methods.
 ・Search by Collection
 ・Search by "photographers and their albums"
 ・Search by category or keyword
 ・Defining your search

■Search by Collection
 You can browse special collections and data collected per specific themes (called virtual exhibition).

■Search by "photographers and their albums"
 You can search by photographer's name.

■Search by category or keyword
 Use the keywords separated by categories to find the image(s) required.
 If you tick on multiple keywords, you can "And Search".

■Defining your search
 You can narrow down the conditions and look your targets up.
 If you fill in "keyword" field, you can search from the titles and descriptions.


●How to display search results
You can see the search results on the list or "Thumbnail format".
If you click on a selected photo, you can see the detailed information.


●How to enlarged images
If you click photo image or "Enlarged view of the photo" button on the detailed screen, it will transition to control screen.

*Enlarged viewing is available by Zoomify software. Please refer to the website for more details.