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1192 Kumamoto Castle (3)
No: 1192
Creator: Uchida, Kuichi
Area: Kumamoto
Years: 1868-1882
Album: Ueno, Hikoma
Color: color
Size: 266x206
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  This photo, taken by Uchida Kuichi when Emperor Meiji visited Kumamoto in June 1872, captures the view from the sukiya keep on the southwestern side looking at the big and small towers of Kumamoto Castle. The collection of Tomishige Rihei includes a series of pictures taken from the same angle and provides a glimpse at the changes over time. There is a shrine dedicated to warlord Kato Kiyomasa to the west of the castle. This shrine, originally built in the mother temple, Honmyoji, in 1868, was transferred here in July 1871. There were so many visitors to the shrine that a town developed around it. The two-story building in the lower right does not belong to the castle but is probably a restaurant. However, since the Japanese government established an army headquarters at Kumamoto Castle, it was not in the government's interest to have many people visit the shrine, and hence visits to the shrine were limited to twice a month as of June 1874 and the private buildings were forced off the castle premises. On September 24 the same year, the shrine was moved to Shinbori and the entire castle premises were earmarked for military use.