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1206 Nagasaki Inasa Coast(2)
No: 1206
Creator: Uchida, Kuichi
Area: Nagasaki Bay Area
Years: 1883-1897
Album: Ueno, Hikoma
Color: color
Size: 268x209
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  This photo is the inlet near Fuchi-mura Inasa-go Hiradokoya and Funatsu, on the bank of Nagasaki Harbour opposite the main part of the city. It is a photo of the mid-Meiji Period. It was taken at the same spot as photo number 5310 (classification number 102-16). It shows the harbour at low tide, with a ship and a person, a picturesque pine tree on a promontory and traditional residences. Beyond the promontory is Uragoto-machi in Nagasaki. The picture was intentionally structured to look like a drawing. The inner part of Nagasaki Harbour is depicted in such a way that the Inasa area seems to be protruding to the side of Nagasaki City, and the Urakami district can be seen at the northern edge of Nagasaki Bay past that spot. A foreign cemetery was built in Inasa at the beginning of the Edo Period, and despite its location across the harbour the area was comparatively well developed. The bank opposite the promontory to the left is the hillside of Nishizaka, Nagasaki. Visible beyond Nagasaki Harbour is the whole central part of the city flanked by the feet of Tateyama and Mt. Kazagashira.